Adam Mick

Adam Mick


I have always been someone that could not sit still. From a young age I was always playing sports. I found Rugby, and it became my passion. I played throughout high school and a few years after with Club Rugby in London, Ont. I eventually moved to Australia with my wife for work, where I played rugby there as well for 2.5 years. My wife and I moved again for work to Dubai where we lived for 7.5 years. Two kids later we moved back to London to be closer to family.


I tried CrossFit in 2016 and loved it. I signed up for my first competition during my trial week and competed three months later. I find the CrossFit approach so amazing that there can be such a range of fitness levels, and each person gets the same support. The inclusiveness of the sport and the opportunity to improve someone’s health through it, is what made me want to coach.




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