Jesse Sherriff

Co-Owner & Remote Programming
Jesse Sherriff


Jesse pursued a career in coaching to fulfill the unbridled drive for fitness that he has developed after years of competing in and coaching sports including hockey, lacrosse, many martial arts disciplines, and functional fitness. He took an interest in CrossFit because of its community atmosphere and intense discipline, both of which he has grown to love and crave.

“The priority as your coach is to ensure that everyone has the tools to be successful in a health and wellness program, whatever that might mean to each individual. It is my purpose to assess, plan and implement programs that direct achievement through fitness and in doing so encourage success in all areas of life.”

Current coaching roles:

  • Partner at WLCF
  • Head Coach/Founder of Sherriff’s Performance Academy
  • Coach at WODprep
  • Canadian Functional Fitness Federation (Athlete Committee)
  • Affiliate coach for Zen Athlete and TAG Hockey
  • OPEX On Journey

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