"Have a great workout and feel awesome"


“Ilove that I can just show up, have a great workout and feel awesome after I’m done”.

Katrina decided that she needed to start a program because she was not feeling motivated and not pushing herself at her previous gym. Training at a facility where the programming was already prepared was appealing as she didn’t have to worry about planning her workouts.

Since joining West London CrossFit, Katrina has increased her strength capacity and improved her muscle tone. She feels great about her body and is impressed with her abilities in the gym.The best part of having a program is that the workouts are planned and a trainer has done all the work. Having a trainer provides Katrina with piece of mind when she is seeking answers to her health and fitness questions. The coaching staff are knowledgeable and supportive in assisting the members who want to learn more about fitness.

If you are on the fence about joining West London CrossFit remember that life is too short. It never hurts to try something new and to be out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to be better.

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