"West London CrossFit has pushed me"


“West London CrossFit has pushed me to try new and different things and reach goals I never thought I would be able to reach!”

I wanted to improve my results. I have seen consistent growth with my lifts, but wanted to get my body in better shape, lose weight, and improve my conditioning. I saw other people having success and wanted a program that would tell me what to eat, when to eat, and take the guess work out of everything!!

Through the Meltdown challenge I lost 15lbs and 11 inches over the 6 weeks. I noticed improvements in almost every area physically and mentally – clearer thinking, physically feeling better and stronger, not feeling as drained or exhausted, etc.

Since joining WLCF I have surpassed all of my expectations. I joined when WLCF first opened and was in the first on ramp class. While I felt confident in the workouts I was doing at a previous gym, I remember walking into WLCF and feeling ridiculously nervous and doubtful I would be able to do any of the movements. Now I love it when I can tell people that I can snatch 115lbs, or squat 215lbs. I have a new sense of pride in what my body can do!

I do best when I have someone tell me what to do, which is one of the things I love about WLC. When I attended a “regular gym” I found myself always doing the same things and didn’t have the confidence to try new things. I never would have tried to do a handstand before…and it took me 5 months at WLC before I was able to do one against the wall.

Here’s what Meg has to say with those on the fence with joining;
Just try it out. Trust me we are all nervous when we walk in for the first time! Whether it’s a free class, a move by design, or trying OnRamp, just seriously try it because you will not be disappointed. The coaches are amazing, the community is so supportive and the atmosphere is completely welcoming. I never thought I would be getting up at 5:15am everyday to train, and now I couldn’t imagine starting my day any other way!

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