Sean Geragthy

"Going to get great coaching"

Sean Geragthy

“At West London CrossFit you’re going to get great coaching, great classmates, and you’re going to be excited about going to the gym. This is the most motivating and rewarding type of training I have ever done.

When Sean was working out at a regular box gym, he was getting bored with his normal exercise program.  So, he started adding more CrossFit elements & Olympic lifting to his routine and it kick-started his interest in the gym again.  Once he decided to jump into CrossFit, it was painfully obvious that his ‘other gym’ was not the spot to do it. He decided to join WLCF.

Sean loves how varied the exercises in the programming at West London CrossFit can be.  It keeps you interested.  It’s nice to challenge yourself by learning something new. Sean never felt comfortable enough to really push himself before coming to WLCF. Now, his PR’s love him.

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